NEW BOOK IS HERE: Meeting Ms. Monroe

Mary Monroe has dyed black hair, pale face, and Goth makeup. She works at a trendy restaurant, but is not enamored of the celebrity lifestyle.

Soon after her 25th birthday Mary meets with her mother’s lawyer and is shocked to learn she's been left millions. As she leaves his office he hands her a letter from her mother and a key to a secret storage space.

When she opens the storage space she finds furniture, suitcases, and dresses all belonging to the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

Buying a new home with her new found wealth she furnishes it with the items from the storage space. But what happens next is nothing short of a miracle - or anightmare.

Mary finds herself blacking out and when she awakes she has a new hairstyle, clothes, and most intriguing and frightening of all...letters written to her by Marilyn Monroe. Plunged into a world she doesn’t remember, Mary tries to keep her sanity as she appears to be living the double life of a legend.

Follow Mary Monroe as she moves back and forth in time not sure she if she will lose herself or find another.

Since 1982, I have been president of her fan club, Marilyn Remembered ( and now have one of the world’s largest collections of items actually owned by Marilyn. I also have a library of over 300 books on the subject of Marilyn. I have read countless  Marilyn biographies with varying degrees of accuracy. And there have been many books of fiction using Marilyn as a focal point. Lorena Bathey has taken a fresh and extremely interesting new approach to the subject of Marilyn. We find her spirit returning to us in the present through a girl whose life has been intrinsically linked to Marilyn. Marilyn has returned in this manner to finally reveal what really happened in her final moments. But more than this, the reader will discover the real Marilyn as she bares her soul.  Ms. Bathey really understands Marilyn Monroe and brings her to life in a very real and heartfelt way. This is a Marilyn whose true loving nature shines through on every page.

Greg Schreiner - President of Marilyn Remembered Fan Club

Lorena Bathey